We've been among you for years.

Always in the shadows of legends and myth, we've been watching man kind find its place on this planet. Ever silently witnessing the potential beauty and inevitable destruction of your species. We've seen the rise and fall of your hopes and dreams, your kings and nations. Wars fought over theoretical ownership while the oceans and forests bleed. Now in your darkest hour of capitalism and greed, we are coming forth to nurture the new spark we see. We are here to gently blow life into the kindling new consciousness. We have one planet, one home and its shared by both those

seen and unseen. 

Join us, hand in Fin. Let us show you a way of life that is worth saving. Let us inspire you to believe again that anything is possible. Let us open your eyes to other societies that exist along side yours. Together we can rebuild this world; a world with no boundaries between age, race, nation and species.

-Linnea Mermaid